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Faculty of Resources and Environment Science

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Established in 2004,Facultyof Resources and Environment Science is now a pilot unit of college system reform for Institutions of higher education in Hubei Province. The college has six undergraduate majors: environmental engineering, environmental science, geographic science (including teachers), geographic information science, human geography and urban and rural planning, natural geography and resources and environment. In addition, the Australian International Cooperation Class in Environmental Engineering and the Pilot Class for Training Talents in Strategically Emerging (Pillar) Industries of Water Pollution Prevention Technology and Equipment have been set up. In 2017, the "Tianhong Experimental Class" has been jointly organized with the listed company Hainan Tianhong Municipal Design Co., Ltd. to train talents in order. There are 1051 full-time students, including 820 undergraduates and 231 postgraduates.

The conditions for running the college are excellent. It has Ph.D. programs in Ecology, Master's programs in Geography, and Master's programs in Geography Education, Agriculture (Informatization) and Environmental Engineering. There are Wuhan Branch Center of Agricultural Remote Sensing Application Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hubei Key Laboratory of Regional Development and Environmental Response, Hubei Rural Safe Drinking Water and Hubei Agricultural Remote Sensing Application Research Center of Hubei Province. There are two provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers in biology (environmental engineering) and geography, and innovation activity bases for undergraduates in Environmental Science and engineering. There are one national resource-sharing course, three provincial courses and two school-level courses. They are important bases for the training of resource and environment talents in Hubei Province.

The faculty is strong. We have a team of teachers with reasonable age, professional title and knowledge structure. There are 79 faculty members, including 21 professors, 25 associate professors and 11 experts at the national and provincial levels. The doctoral rate of full-time teachers is over 95%, and 50% of them have overseas study and work experience.

The scientific research strength of the college is outstanding. It undertook major scientific and technological projects such as national key scientific and technological research, National Science and technology support plan, National Science and technology benefit people plan and national basic research. It won one second prize for national scientific and technological progress, eight provincial and ministerial science and technology achievements awards, and the per capita scientific research funds ranked among the top schools for 10 consecutive years. With Australia, the United States, Britain, Germany, Norway, Finland and other countries and regions, we have established long-term international cooperation in academic exchanges, personnel training and scientific research, creating a good international environment for the development of the College.

The effect of college education is obvious. Adhering to the spirit of " Morality, Meditation and Dedication", we adopt advanced management concepts to create "first-class undergraduate education". We have successively implemented the "comprehensive tutorial system", "full class system", "DIY innovation experiment", and paid attention to the cultivation of students’ innovative spirit and practical ability. Over the past three years, we have obtained a number of national innovative entrepreneurship program training projects. We have won more than 50 national and provincial awards such as Challenge Cup, National Eco-environmental Science and Technology Competition, National University Geographic Science Exhibition Competition, National University GIS Skills Competition, National Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition and so on. The students trained by the Institute have good professional quality, strong ability of scientific creation and high comprehensive quality, which are highly praised by the society and employers. In 2017, the College and the listed company Hainan Tianhong Municipal Design Co., Ltd. cooperated deeply to train talents in the form of "Order Class 2 + 2" to deliver excellent graduates to enterprises accurately. In recent years, the one-time employment rate of college undergraduates has stabilized at more than 90%, and the rate of students entering postgraduate school ranks first in the university.