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Notice on Summer Camp of Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology 2018 Hubei University

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Hubei University is located in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province. It is a key comprehensive university of the province established jointly by the peopleundefineds Government of Hubei Province and the Ministry of Education. Hubei Province, "first-class universities in China to build universities", Hubei Province, "the best civilized unit." Hubei University College of Resources and Environment has a strong scientific research strength, a team of age, professional title and reasonable knowledge structure. The college has a doctorate in ecology, a masterundefineds degree in geography, and a masterundefineds degree in geography education, agricultural engineering and information technology. The institute has a branch center of remote sensing application center of the ministry of agriculture, a key laboratory for regional development and environmental response in Hubei province, a research center for agricultural remote sensing application engineering technology in Hubei province, and a provincial experimental teaching and demonstration center for resources and environment in Hubei province Hubei Experimental Teaching demonstration Center of Geography, big data Research Center of Agricultural Resources and Environment in Hubei Province, Hubei workstation of National Joint Laboratory of remote Sensing and Archaeology, Hubei Rural safe drinking Water Engineering Technology Research Center and Hubei University New Fertilizer Research Center and other related scientific research platform. The Master of Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology of Hubei University is planning to hold a summer camp for college students from July 15 to 16, 2018. Twenty students are enrolled in the summer camp. We welcome 2019 undergraduate students to enroll.

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