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Hubei University School of Resources and Environment 2018 recruitment notice for Professional and Technical posts such as Teachers and experiments

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According to the development needs of the college, open recruitment of outstanding young teachers and laboratory and other professional and technical staff at home and abroad. First, recruiting excellent young teachers 

1. conditions for recruitment, supporting the Partyundefineds line, principles and policies, love the cause of higher education, abide by the law, have good ideological and political quality and professional ethics. 

2. In order to optimize the structure of the academic background, the qualifications are the doctorate graduates of the well-known universities or scientific research institutes outside the university. First degree should not be lower than the level of our school-level colleges and universities full-time ordinary undergraduate graduation (a very few special majors can enroll excellent masterundefineds degree). 

3. Professor under 45, Associate Professor under 40; Doctor under 35, Master under 28 (as of 31 December 2018).

4. Have the professional knowledge and academic level suitable to the corresponding post requirements.

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